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Active Hydra

Active Hydra is a two-component polyurethane injection resin which ensures high reactivity, excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability. Active Hydra is designed for waterproofing and consolidation of rocks, friable land and structures affected by high-pressure water, as well as to convey water in aquifers and fill voids and cavities.


  • Active Hydra COMP. A is packed in 50 kg drums
  • Active Hydra COMP. B is packed in 50 kg drums


  • Does not contain halogens and CFCs
  • Reaction start on contact with water
  • Always hardens: with or without water
  • Immediate reaction


  • Tunnels
  • Dams and hydraulic works
  • Wells
  • Mining
  • Air gaps
  • Sub-foundations


(at +20�C and 60% R.H.)

Description Aspect Viscosity Relative Density Mixing Ratio
COM A Straw
Yellow - Amber
150 - 300 mPas 1.010 � 0.03
A + B
100 + 120 parts by weight
COM B Brown 150 - 250 mPas 1.230 � 0.05
100 + 100 parts by volume