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Fetter Resin Capsules

fetter resin capsules

Fetter Resin Capsule are normally used as an anchoring support in strata where larger annular gaps between bolt and hole diameters are encountered with long tendon strand cables.

Fetter Resin Capsule was developed to allow bolts, in a variety of lengths, to be grouted and anchored in one simple operation, without the need for injection equipment.


Fetter Resin Capsules size varies as per the diameter of anchor bolt and bore hole. A minimal annular gap of 3 mm is ideal to annihilate the foil which initiates the mixing of the resin and hardener.

The borehole is drilled and filled with the Fetter Resin Capsules. The bolt is then inserted through the resin by pushing and spinning. This facilitates breaking of the capsule and mixing of the components. After reaching the end of bore hole the anchor setting mechanism has to remain immobile while the resin starts hardening.

The setting time depends on the temperature of capsule and rock as well as on the energy induction by inserting the bolt. Capsules with different setting times, lengths and diameters are available.

fetter resin capsules


  • The product has a very high bonding strength and sets in a very short time period
  • The resin can take very high load once set.
  • The product is free of CFCs and hence eco-friendly.
  • The product has an option of complete or partial bonding.