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Giant’s Steady Hand

giants steady hand

The Giant’s Steady Hand high pressure electric water pump delivers a constant flow of 18 liters minimum at 300 Bar. The pump is equipped by a way valve, pressure gauge and pump inlet water filter. This means that the pump quickly reaches the desired pressure and makes the actual inflation process of Giant’s Steady Hand Bolt extremely fast.


  • Can be used with any type of rigs or equipment where electricity is available
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be ordered with required current and voltage requirements
  • Robust with short inflation time


Giant’s Steady Hand Electric Pump is the favored tool when high performance bolting is required with various rigs and equipment.

  • Can be used with hydraulic rigs or others
  • Can be used for manual or mechanized bolting
  • The pump is equipped with a time control system so the inflation process is unaffected by human factors


Flow 18 l/min
Maximum operating pressure 300 bar
Revolutions 1450 rpm