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Nimble Octopus

nimble octopus

Nimble Octopus is made of steel strand, and have perfect support capacity. These bolts are used for temporary and semi-permanent rock reinforcement in underground Mining, with an added benefit of flexibility, even with larger Nimble Octopus lengths.


Nimble Octopus for Mining are available in different versions:

  • Plain or with bulb options: bulbs available at either 0.5m or 1m spacing
  • Single and multiple strands
  • Black and galvanized

System Components

  • Plate: Different designs and dimensions
  • Cable Grip: Barrel and 3 pcs. Wedge
  • Breather tube
  • Nimble Octopus tensioning jack
  • Nimble Octopus expansion shell

nimble octopus

Areas of Use

  • Long Nimble Octopus are easily displaceable in limited space conditions
  • High load-bearing capacity at a low weight per meter
  • Flexible bolt lengths
  • Installation using cement cartridges, resin cartridges, cement grout or injection


  • Ground control for different fields of application – from coal mining to hard rock mining
  • Bolting in limited space conditions
  • Reinforcement of roadways and gateways
  • Bolting in the hanging wall of longwall

nimble octopus


Dia. Mass Tensile Cross Area Elongation High Strength Plate
          Size Tensile
15.24mm 1.10 kg/m >=260kn 140mm2 >=3.5% 200x200x8mm >=260kn
17.80mm 1.50 kg/m >=360kn 191mm2 >=3.5% 200x200x10mm >=360kn