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Two-component polyurethane injection foaming-resin, self-extinguishing, ensuring high reactivity, excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability; designed for waterproofing and consolidation of rocks, friable land and structures affected by high-pressure water, as well as to convey water in aquifers and fill voids and cavities.

Application Area

  • Tunnels: waterproofing of major water infiltrations through block fissures or joints
  • Dams and hydraulic works: repair/sealing of fissures (even in the presence of aquifers)
  • Wells: waterproofing/sealing of joints, fissures and cracks in the event of major water losses
  • Air gaps: sealing and insulation
  • Sub-foundations: waterproofing
  • Friable and loose land: consolidation
  • Walls and masonry: waterproofing underneath aquifers
  • Coal mines: consolidation, waterproofing, gas sealing


  • The two components of Mermaid must be mixed together using a pump for two-component resins with a static helix mixer. The mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume. After mixing, Mermaid is injected continuously through the fissure. While the two components are mixed, viscosity increases substantially to avoid separation or wash-out of the injected material by pressurized water.
  • Make sure that the diameter of the holes drilled next to the fissure to be sealed is suitable for the dimensions of the injectors used. We recommend the use of expansion injectors with non-return (check) valves (packers).
  • For application below 15°C, we suggest the use of 0.5-1% of catalyst K2 (accelerator), while for application below 0°C, store product and pump in container at least at 15°C for 24 hours, and use special heated mantle covered piping to inject the resin.
  • In contact with water the product starts to react and foams up. The continuous ingress of resin displaces the existing water and the resin forms a water-tight shell.