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Mighty Atlas

Mighty Atlas

Mighty Atlas is manufactured to meet the exacting needs of our mining customers. Our Mighty Atlas are available in all standard diameters and grades for use in different applications.

These are commonly used in structurses that have been designed to sustain the allowable design loads and forces which need to be properly distributed. The Resistant Neptune is an innovative rock support bolt that provides both immediate and permanent anchorage.


  • Plain Mighty Atlas
  • Galvanised Mighty Atlass

System Components

  • Thread Rod
  • Plate
  • Spherical Washer
  • Spherical Washer
  • Hexagonal Nuts

Mighty Atlas


  • Drill hole at the proper diameter and depth which is compatible with the bolt and selected cartridge
  • Insert the appropriate length and type of cement grout or resin cartridges and then insert the roof bolt
  • Rotate to ensure complete mixing of resin or cements
  • Wedge washers are required when the plate is not perpendicular to the bolts
  • Ensure that the Bearing Plate is tight against the roof


  • Material FE 500
  • Size Range: Dia. 25 mm – 32 mm
  • Length Range: Up to 6 m long
  • Material: TMT/TOR

Mighty Atlas